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We Made The Snow Fly Upwards — Elegy for Jane — Sheet Music PDF

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This piece is the first part of a series of Elegies I've written for people who are grieving. It was inspired by a conversation I had with Will about his Mum, Jane. One of the many lovely things Will told me about her was that she made him feel like anything was possible, and this inspired the title of the piece, and the second half, where there's a rising figure in the right hand. Will and Jane once took a trip to New York together and at the top of the Empire State, the weather turned to snow, but instead of descending as it normally would, the snow seemed to be rising upwards. They both talked a lot about this in their last months together, and it became a symbol of how anything was possible.

Key/mode: G flat major

Tempo: Tempo rubato, c. 66 bpm, then a little faster, c. 74bpm

Metre: 12/8

Characteristic features: rising broken chord melodies, syncopation in compound time, I-vi-V-IV chord sequence

Space for improvisation: No

Difficulty: Grade 4

You will get a PDF (389KB) file